A Few Thoughts on Impact and Efficacy in EdTech Buying Decisions

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On Efficacy and Impact in Edtech

Welcome everyone to this third episode from the ASU GSV Summit series on The Edtech Podcast.

Jefferson Education Accelerator CEO Joins Board of Nation’s Largest Non-Union Education Association

Veteran education technology executive, professor, and advocate for efficacy research appointed to ASCD Board of Directors

Resolving the edtech-buying dilemma

The University of Virginia's Curry School of Education created the Jefferson Education Accelerator to help improve education-technology buying for universities.

Making Better Ed-Tech Buying Decisions

Jefferson Education Accelerator has regrouped, but stays focused on idea that colleges need more information to decide on which technologies to use.

Federal government must devote more resources to edtech research, study says

Word of mouth — and not solid analysis by federal agencies — often drives adoption of technologies, the authors say.

Limited Evidence in Edtech: Everyone Agrees – It Isn’t Their Fault

What works ought to drive what we put in front of our children.” – Jim Shelton, Head of Education, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

First-of-Its-Kind Symposium Releases Working Papers to Advance Efficacy Research in EdTech

Year-long initiative brought together leading researchers, university and K-12 district leaders, faculty, entrepreneurs, and investors in education to explore the impact of edtech

$8 Billion a Year on Ed Tech, but Does It Work? Experts Call for Better Research at Unique D.C. Symposium

When it comes to proving their worth, education technology companies are struggling to put their money where their mouths are.

#ShowTheEvidence: Building a Movement Around Research, Impact in EdTech


Executive Summaries of EdTech Efficacy Research

Download the EdTech Efficacy Research Executive Summaries.

Grill That Edtech Company With These 6 Questions Before Buying Anything

When it comes to good decision-making about purchasing technology, it’s a shared responsibility between adopters and providers to make sure tools are the right fit and deliver results.

OPINION: The biggest tech trendsetter you know just may be – your local teacher

As more teachers reinvent their classrooms as blended, personalized learning environments, something else is happening – the nation’s 3.6 million-strong K-12 teaching workforce is becoming a consumer-electronics force capable of shaping new techno

Thinkster Math Selected by Jefferson Education Accelerator as Partner

Thinkster Math Selected by Jefferson Education Accelerator as Partner

The Quest to Define 'Quality'

A new report about how to assure quality for nontraditional higher ed providers prompts a more basic question: What do we mean by quality? Eleven experts, including our CEO Bart Epstein, weigh in.

The Jefferson Education Accelerator wants to know if edtech is really working

Tablets. Apps. Augmented reality. Virtual reality. All these technologies (and more) are making their way into the education space. But does edtech really deliver on its promise?

New National Initiative Connects Researchers with Entrepreneurs to put Education Technology to the Test

University of Virginia and Jefferson Education Accelerator launch national database of education researchers to bridge the gap between innovation and efficacy

The Next Generation Accelerator: Interview with Bart Epstein, Jefferson Education Accelerator

While most accelerators are known for focusing on early stage companies, Jefferson Education Accelerator, affiliated with the University of Virginia, is tackling those much later in the game, us

Jefferson Education Accelerator Partners with Branching Minds to Test the Efficacy of a More Personalized Approach to Intervention

Teacher-founded startup helps K-12 teachers link student performance with individual learning challenges, and identify personalized interventions to support struggling learners 


The White House

Jefferson Education Accelerator CEO Bart Epstein reports on today's White House convening as well as two other recent White House events

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

The Jefferson Education Accelerator announced today a new company that it will partner with to test education technology.

Jefferson Education Accelerator Teams Up with Formative to Bring Real-Time Feedback to Bear on Instructional Strategy

Edtech startup combines cloud-based classroom response system with a district data dashboard to translate classroom practice into data that informs school and district decision-making

From Popularity to Proof

For too long, education technology decision-making has been driven by marketing rather than merit. Investors, entrepreneurs — and, all too often educators — mistake scale for impact.

First-of-Its-Kind Symposium Pairs Venture Capitalists with Teachers to Explore the Impact of EdTech

Yearlong initiative will culminate with two-day event designed to bring efficacy research to the center of national edtech debate


School's Role in Improving Educational Technology

Our CEO Bart Epstein discusses why it's important for educators and adminstrators to understand the value and benefits of requiring companies to build products that are based on learning science and the products do what the markeing demonstrates.

Awards to Accelerate Research in Education Technology

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES), in partnership with the Small Business Administration (SBA), has made awards to two U.S.-based accelerators – organizations that provide support to technology developers and researchers in the development

Jefferson Education Awarded Innovation Grant from U.S. Small Business Administration

Growth Accelerator Fund Competition recognizes nation’s pioneering accelerators, incubators and innovation hubs

Ed-Tech Stamp of Approval

Complete College America is getting into the quality-assurance business.

Which Ed-Tech Tools Truly Work? New Project Aims to Tell Why No One Seems Eager to Find Out

Jefferson Education, an incubator affiliated with the University of Virginia, has enlisted more than 100 educators, entrepreneurs, and experts to examine why neither companies nor their customers tend to rigorously evaluate their products.

Ed Tech Companies Examine Impact of Digital Content in Personalized Learning

An education technology accelerator is working with an ed tech company to collaborate on a project to understand how teachers and students interact with digital content and whether that personalization makes a difference on student engagement. 

Jefferson Education Partners with Fishtree to Evaluate and Scale Adaptive, Personalized Learning

Next-generation learning platform combines content curation, standards alignment, and personalization to empower te

Jefferson Accelerator Invests in Adaptive Learning Startup Fishtree

TEACH A COMPANY HOW TO FISH: Jefferson Education has chosen a new company partner: the adaptive learning company Fishtree.

How to Build a Research Base for Your K-12 Product

Many education technology companies entering the market–and even established ones–like the idea of building up a research base for their products. But they struggle with a basic question: Where to start?

The State of EdTech

Technology Trends Shaping Education: Part 1 of a Yearlong Series

Podcast: Ed Tech Download: How Researchers and Developers Can Work Together to Improve Education Technology

Ed Tech Download is a podcast series hosted by AIR and featuring our partner, Jefferson Education Accelerator, designed to inform education technology entrepreneurs and institutional leaders about

Five Ways to Give Teachers and Principals More Say in EdTech Buying

Today, we’re seeing a growing number of new ed-tech solutions being adopted directly by teachers, prompting an opportunity to revisit who should be making decisions when it comes to which technologies are used in schools.

Jefferson Education Accelerator is hiring a Project Director

Arlington, VA (preferred) or Charlottesville, VA

Mackin Educational Resources pushes for school libraries to incorporate tech

Without more teacher buy-in, a recent survey by TES Global and the Jefferson Education Accelerator noted that ed tech i

The Responsibility of Schools of Education in Preparing Teachers to Teach With Tech

This year alone, U.S. elementary, middle and high schools are expected to spend $4.7 billion on education technology.

A tale of three tech rollouts: Challenge and success in North Carolina

When it comes to what constitutes the building blocks of successful ed tech rollouts, no one knows better than district leaders, principals, and teachers.

Agile Mind Partners With Jefferson Education Accelerator to Scale Social-Emotional Learning

JEFFERSON’S NEW PARTNER: The Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA) has announced its next partner: Agile Mind, whose instructional and pro

Blended Learning Pioneer Agile Mind Selected by Jefferson Education Accelerator

Unique blended learning programs incorporate social-emotional and noncognitive skills development into core math and science instruction 

Education Technology Graduates From the Classroom to the Boardroom

“When I speak to investors, they say they would love to be invested only in the companies that are making a difference in improving education and have quantifiable results,” said Bart Epstein, the chief executive of 

Parting Shot: As He Leaves the U.S. Department of Education, the Leader of its Office of EdTech Appeals for Greater Equity

Warning: Simply sprinkling computers into schools isn’t the answer. Leaders must pick the right kind of technology, and that requires conversations with classroom teachers — before the devices are purchased.

The K-12 Marketplace: What to Look for in 2016

Districts are increasingly demanding proof of research or evidence before they invest in ed-tech, according to the feedback we hear from both the K-12 community and vendors. That can mean very different things.

TES Global Survey: Teachers Are Largely Ignored, Want Bigger Roles in Edtech Decisions

DECISIONS, DECISIONS: TES Global and the Jefferson Education Accelerator at the University of Virginia have released a survey of 4,300 teachers in the United States about how their

Survey Highlights Teacher Demand For Bigger Role in EdTech Decisionmaking


Budget concerns often trump student outcomes among school district buyers; American teachers call for bigger role in creation and selection of education technology


Noodle Markets, Online Marketplace for K-12 Purchasing, Opens for Vendors

"If you talk to school leaders behind closed doors, many will tell you they feel completely overwhelmed by all of the choices, and the lack of credible third-party information about them," said Bart Epstein, CEO of the 

Equipped for EQUIP? Here’s a Primer.

On October 15th, the Department of Education launched a new Experimental Site called 

Jefferson Education Accelerator Partners With EdSurge to Update Product Index

INDEX INCLUSION: If you’re reading this article, our hope is that you have used our EdSurge Edtech Index.

10 Tips for Acing Your Application for Any Edtech Accelerator

You should demonstrate an understanding of how the program you’re applying to can help you improve your company, says Epstein. “The best applications don’t just brag about how great the applicants are.

AIR to partner with 'Accelerator' for testing Ed-Tech products

An ambitious project to subject educational technology products to potentially rigorous testing of their effectiveness will receive help from the American Institutes for Research, which will serve as a research partner in the effort.

Jefferson Education Accelerator Partners with American Institutes for Research to Expand Ed Tech Research Network

By combining world-class research capabilities with deep ed tech experience, new partnership brings unmatched potential to the educational technology market

How a VA Group is Evaluating EdTech's Impact on Students

From DCINNO 8/18/15 - Technology is certainly changing the way students are being taught—but is it actually improving their learning?

Partnership to Evaluate Active Learning on Student Outcomes

Echo360 selected for its proven track record in increasing student engagement and outcomes in over 650 schools.

Guiding Education Businesses Through the Research Wringer


Education researchers often lament the evidence—or lack of evidence—backing programs in the booming education technology field. 

Jefferson Education Accelerator Picks First Partner

The Jefferson Education Accelerator, an effort by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Educa

Project Designed to Test, Develop EdTech Opens for Business


A new university-meets-private sector partnership designed to bring research-tested education technology into the market has picked its first company to test and showcase.

JEA Selects Echo360 as First Company Partnership to Evaluate Impact of Active Learning on Student Engagement and Outcomes

Echo360 selected for its proven track record in increasing student engagement and outcomes in over 650 schools

The Only Metric that Matters in EdTech: Student Outcomes

Teachers have also embraced the use of technology – almost unanimously. In a recent survey, 96% of teachers reported that technology is making a significant impact in their classroom. But despite broad adoption and educator enthusiasm, two opposing narratives have emerged regarding the use of technology in our schools. As is often the case in policy and politics, neither side fully reflects the reality on the ground.

The Must-Attend Event for Education Technology Investors

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — To observe the major forces at play in the education technology sector, one needed only to stand near the marble fountain in the Phoenician Resort lobby this week.

Former North Carolina Governor and U.S Deputy Secretary of Education Join Jefferson Education Accelerator Board

Washington, DC, March 19, 2015 – The Jefferson Education Accelerator, today, announced that former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education William Hansen and former North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue will join its board of directors.

3 Big Issues We Heard About at SXSWedu

Austin, Tex. — Student privacy, easier-to-use digital tools for instructors, and efforts to offer alternative credentials were some of the most-talked-about topics this week at the South by Southwest Edu conference, an offshoot of the popular South by Southwest music festival.

Statescoop - New Venture Aims to Accelerate Learning by Vetting Edtech

A new education venture hopes to accelerate digital learning by putting high-quality ed-tech products in the classroom. The academic research entity, called the Jefferson Education Accelerator, will employ professors across the country to independently review educational technology tools and products that will also be tested in K-12 schools and universities – in return for equity in the businesses that succeed.

DC Inno - A Matchmaking Accelerator Cutting Through the Edtech Noise

For quite some time now the University of Virginia Curry School of Education has wanted to have more of an involvement in translating research, faculty analysis and practice into impact in the classroom. Traditionally, only schools of education have taught educators. Now, in modern classrooms, these institutions and their faculty alike are learning from a new source: Technology. As more electronic gadgets infiltrate the education ecosystem, effectively saturating the edtech space, there needs to be some way to separate fact from fiction. That's where the Jefferson Education Accelerator comes into play.

Testing Educational Technology in Real-World Settings

The University of Virginia’s Jefferson Education Accelerator will contribute to the creation of educational technologies and solutions by helping entrepreneurs test their ideas in the classroom, the Curry School of Education Foundation announced yesterday.

U.Va.'s Curry School Foundation launches education accelerator

The University of Virginia Curry School of Education Foundation has launched the Jefferson Education Accelerator, which is designed to help advance promising education solutions by providing access to expertise, investment capital and the opportunity to conduct studies with leading researchers and practitioners.

Education DIVE - UVA Curry School Foundation partners with USA Funds on new accelerator

Monday saw the launch of the Jefferson Education Accelerator by the University of Virginia Curry School of Education Foundation and USA Funds, with $11 million committed to the partnership.

From EDUKWEST - Jefferson Education Accelerator Launch

The University of Virginia announced the launch of a new edtech accelerator program. The Jefferson Education Accelerator will focus on edtech startups in the growth stage with at least $1 million in revenue and internal data that proves the service or product is working.

Business, University Venture to Test Ed-Tech Products

An ambitious new commercial project aims to use the combined might of private investment and academic research to rigorously test educational technology products and share the results with schools and colleges hungry for objective information on which products best meet their needs.

Jeffersonian Meritocracy: A New Accelerator for Edtech Research

Unlike other edtech accelerators, which focus on helping early-stage entrepreneurs refine their minimum viable products, JEA is a “research accelerator” that helps companies validate the efficacy of their products.

'Merit, Not Marketing'

The educational-technology market is flooded with companies that say their products will “disrupt” or “revolutionize” how faculty and administrators work and students learn. To cut through the noise, the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education is launching an ed-tech accelerator that will help start-ups bring their solutions to the market -- if the product lives up to the company’s claims.

Jefferson Education Accelerator Launches

Today, the University of Virginia Curry School of Education Foundation announced the launch of the Jefferson Education Accelerator, designed to identify and scale promising education solutions by providing access to expertise, investment capital, and the opportunity to conduct efficacy studies with leading researchers and practitioners.

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