Jefferson Education Accelerator Partners with Branching Minds to Test the Efficacy of a More Personalized Approach to Intervention

Teacher-founded startup helps K-12 teachers link student performance with individual learning challenges, and identify personalized interventions to support struggling learners 


WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 12, 2016) – The Jefferson Education Accelerator (JEA) today announced the selection of Branching Minds as its latest company partner. Under the terms of the partnership, JEA will make an equity investment in the company and fund an independent evaluation of the company’s personalized approach to intervention, which pairs observational assessment with a curated clearinghouse that includes thousands of research-based instructional supports.

“Branching minds is solving a really fundamental problem for educators: pairing the right intervention, with the right student, at the right time,” said Bart Epstein, Founding CEO of JEA. “Their unique approach to observational assessment has the potential to not only improve outcomes, but to transform practice, as educators learn more about the connection between student behaviors and specific skill deficits.”

Founded by a former classroom teacher in 2012, Branching Minds draws on the latest learning science and education research to help teachers pinpoint a student’s individual academic challenges through observation-based assessment, identify and select personalized interventions, and then monitor progress. The Branching Minds platform is designed to foster collaboration among teachers, administrators, and families to improve the fidelity of implementation. Taken together, the platform streamlines the process of synthesizing data into shareable reports that can be used to initiate and manage the RTI process.

“For too many years we've struggled to pull the pieces of RTI together. We're excited to see the power of a strengthened RTI system with the support of Branching Minds,” said Sherri Yagley, Chief Information Officer and District Data Coach of Johnson City Central Schools (NY).

Uniquely focused on growth stage education companies, JEA provides expertise and investment capital to education companies that have demonstrated strong evidence of success, and the potential to contribute to the field through research and evaluation conducted by leading education researchers and practitioners.

“As a former classroom teacher, I understand how powerfully educators want their students to succeed and how much time and effort they are willing to put into their work to ensure their students' success. I also know how little time teachers actually have to achieve that goal, and how frustrating it is to not have confidence that their approach (the product, strategy, tool) is the most effective ones to use,” said Maya Gat, CEO and Co-founder of Branching Minds. “We are excited to collaborate with JEA and the Curry School to empower teachers and administrators with a better understanding of how our approach can help them improve outcomes for their students.”



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About Branching Minds

Branching Minds is a web application that supports schools to streamline and personalize tiered academic and behavioral intervention. Using knowledge from the learning sciences and educational research, the online platform helps teachers find evidence-based learning supports, match interventions to individual student needs, and collaborate for effective monitoring and reporting on student progress. Currently used in over 350 schools across the country, Branching Minds is making RTI and MTSS easy for teachers and intervention teams.

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