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Our commitment to schools and educators

The Cream of the Crop

We partner with only the most promising education companies and entrepreneurs. We are committed to identifying solutions to support great teaching, and make a profound impact on student outcomes.

Expert Vetting and Validation

The Jefferson Education Accelerator carefully vets program participants on a wide variety of factors, ensuring you can cut to the chase and work with only the highest caliber education organizations in the marketplace today.

Real Time Relevance

Forward thinking educators appreciate that the Jefferson Education Accelerator makes it easy to stay up-to-date and in the know. We provide access to the brightest, most innovative education companies with game-changing products and solutions.

Implementation Expertise

It all starts with successful classroom implementations. We have the experience and the skills to bridge the gaps between educators and entrepreneurs to translate ideas into action.

Networked for Success

We're building a network of educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Share ideas and learn what's proven to work. Learn more about our K-12 Network, a national network of school districts that are committed to improving the use of research and product efficacy to drive school district excellence.

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What do we offer entrepreneurs and growing companies?

Market Engagement

Experience is the best teacher and testing your product with real users can be the difference between success and failure. At the Jefferson Education Accelerator, we help you connect with the right K-12 schools, colleges, and universities -- those that are not only eager to evaluate what you have developed, but have demonstrated the organizational capacity for thoughtful engagement.

Powerful Insights

The Jefferson Education Accelerator gives you a rigorous assessment of your solutions and strategy. We help identify weaknesses and opportunities. We can also match you with experts to help you iterate and improve.

Relevant Mentors

Real expertise and experience is hard to find. We assign mentors who have done it before to provide insights on a range of topics including product, policy, and academic research.

Efficacy and Evaluation

Research-based benchmarking and validation will provide you an arms-length perspective. The Jefferson Education Accelerator offers a range of approaches from simple solutions to full academic studies with institutional review boards.

Access to Capital

The Jefferson Education Accelerator funds education companies nationwide, providing up to $2,000,000 in financing through our Venture Fund and through co-investment with leading investors.

A Cohort of One

Each organization is unique. We are an accelerator for companies that have progressed well past the startup phase and are ready to scale nationwide. There is no residential program and there is no fixed syllabus. Your team will receive a customized program that is right for you.

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What do we offer investors and grantmakers?

A Front Row Seat

Gain access to the most promising education companies and entrepreneurs in the U.S. We identify organizations and entrepreneurs poised for scale and impact.

Innovations that Work

Learn about game-changing companies and solutions validated by real-world testing and rigorous, academic evaluation.


We invest alongside leading venture capital and private equity funds. Our team brings deep education experience and smart capital to investor partners. We source great opportunities and mitigate risk.

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