Jefferson Education Partners with Fishtree to Evaluate and Scale Adaptive, Personalized Learning

Next-generation learning platform combines content curation, standards alignment, and personalization to empower teachers, increase student engagement

WASHINGTON, DC, June 7, 2016— Jefferson Education today announced the selection of Fishtree as its latest company partner. Under the terms of the partnership, Jefferson Education will make an equity investment in the company and collaborate with Fishtree to explore how educators and students interact with digital content – and whether content selection can impact student engagement.

“With a global presence in both K-12 schools and higher education institutions, Fishtree has achieved a degree of scale that presents us with a unique opportunity to further our understanding of how school districts and colleges introduce digital content to deliver on the promise of personalized learning,” said Bart Epstein, founding chief executive officer of Jefferson Education. “Their unique focus on content discovery and curation is solving a perennial challenge for teachers and faculty alike.”

The Fishtree platform is designed to streamline the process of content curation by providing teachers with insights into which content types and items best suit the learning profile of individual students. With the ability to explore content based on standards alignment, student preference, or learning objectives, teachers and instructional designers are able to accelerate the launch of courseware critical to implementing blended, personalized, competency-based modalities.

“Our technology is designed from the ground up to support great teachers and instructional designers,” said Terry Nealon, CEO of Fishtree. “This partnership is critical for us as we build upon our own research, capture efficacy data, and refine our implementation process in an effort to help improve the educational outcomes of all students.”

Uniquely focused on growth stage education companies, Jefferson Education provides expertise and investment capital to education companies that have demonstrated strong evidence of success, and the potential to contribute to the field through research and evaluation conducted by leading education researchers and practitioners.


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